Eight advantages of uPVC windows

It may surprise you to know that uPVC has only been used in window frame manufacture since the early nineteen seventies. Surely not…windows have always been white uPVC haven’t they? Well no actually they haven’t!

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There are many reasons why it has become such as popular material, here we explore eight reasons why it’s such a great choice for windows.

Minimises heat loss

As well as improving the saleability and value of your home, according to the Energy Saving Trust, you can also save money on fuel bills by installing energy efficient uPVC windows.

uPVC frames provide more thermal protection than metal frames as they are nonconductive. Metal frames can absorb heat from inside the building and radiate it outwards if they’re not correctly insulated.

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Easy to maintain

A simple wipe with warm soapy water or a specialist cleaner will bring your uPVC frames back to their sparkling best, no painting required. There are also specialist coatings which can be added externally to further protect this already durable material.

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The style and design of many uPVC windows allows for multiple locks around a single window adding extra security to your property.

Provides noise insulation

The addition of uPVC windows can reduce the amount of noise inside your property by up to seventy percent, making your home much more comfortable to live in, especially if you’re near a busy road, for example.


Many of the first uPVC windows which were installed more than twenty years ago are still in good working order today. In fact, it’s more likely that the style you choose will go out of fashion before the frames themselves wear out.

Weather resistant

uPVC is a very durable material and can generally withstand the worst the UK weather throws at it. It won’t fade in the sun or corrode if you live near the sea.

Environmentally friendly

uPVC is an infinitely recyclable material so it’s kinder to the environment than many other materials. It is estimated that uPVC can be recycled up to ten times.


Finally, the previous seven reasons all contribute to making uPVC one of the most cost-effective types of window on the market today.