Top tips to keep your energy bills down this winter

Let’s face it, we all love saving a few pounds here and there and one of the increasingly popular ways we can save cash is by cutting costs on energy bills. As the major energy companies continue to keep prices high, we have to do the best we can to save money.

There’s plenty of valuable ways to make your home more energy efficient and you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by using less power.

Draught proof your home
We may think our homes are already energy efficient and keeping us warm but plenty of cold air can seep in and warm air escape through gaps in doors, windows and even chimneys. With winter not too far away, now is a great time to fill those gaps and save you a few quid. You can fill openings between window and frame using self-adhesive foam strips which are fairly cheap and readily available from your local DIY store.

Insulate your loft

Another effective way to save money and keep your house warm is loft insulation which you can also do yourself. It’s estimated that sound loft insulation could be effective for 40 years. You might already have a degree of loft insulation already but topping it up to a recommended depth can improve the insulation quality further. The big advantage of having your loft insulated is once it’s done, it’s done and you can relax and watch your energy bills tumble.

Double glazing
Inevitably, every home will lose some heat through doors, windows, cat flaps, chimneys and roofs but installing double glazing can help keep the maximum amount of heat inside your home. Having double glazed windows throughout your property means you won’t need to keep your heating on as long or set it so high in future.

Pipe lagging
This is a lesser known way of saving energy on your home heating bills. Pipe lagging is a type of specialist insulation which fits around water pipes ensuring the heat is kept within the pipes and they don’t freeze or burst should the pipes pass through an unheated area. Lagging can also help stop condensation forming on cold pipes. Any pipes which carry hot water from your boiler to your water pipes should be insulated.

With just a little bit of forward planning, you can save plenty of money on your home heating bills this winter. Saving a little bit here and there on your gas and electricity rates could leave you with more in your pocket in the long run. You’ll also benefit from a warmer, cosier home which can only be a good thing.