Tricks to make your windows look bigger

We all love natural sunlight pouring into our homes. The bigger the window, the more light you will get in. Of course, replacing your windows with bigger ones is a huge undertaking and very expensive. If you crave bigger and brighter windows then here are some tricks that you can do to create the illusion of bigger windows.

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Curtain pole overflow

Hang your curtains off poles, and have the pole much wider than the window. Having the extra width – you can easily go 15cm over at each side – creates the illusion that the window frame itself is wider than it actually is. Then when you have the curtains open, you can pull them right back, exposing all of your glorious light-giving windows.

Colour contrast

Avoid painting your walls white, as the white of your window frames will melt into your walls. Paint the walls a darker colour to make the window frames pop out and feel larger.

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Colour contract again

You don’t want to give up your white walls? That’s okay. Instead, paint your window frames darker, but just a shade darker than the walls. Choose a magnolia or putty shade, to make the frames stand out against the white walls.

Keep clear

Move away any furniture that might be blocking your windows. Don’t box in your windows with tall bookcases by the side. Allow the windows to be the feature of that wall, and the whole room.

Update the frames

Dark window frames can close in the windows and make them feel smaller. For the very best windows Gloucester has to offer, do a search to see what your local glaziers offer. Companies like will be able to give you a quote on costs to change the frames.

Let there be light

Still got those heavy, dark curtains or those tired blinds? Release your windows and let the light pour in. It’s good for your health and it helps your windows look bigger. Instead, dress them with light coloured curtains and pale blinds to make the most of the natural light and your window size.

So go and have a look around your house, can you use some of these tips today to make your windows look bigger? Open your curtains and let in the light.