Why We Love Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is one of the most popular floor options in homes today. Have you ever wondered why? Well, it has so many awesome benefits that you’ll wonder why you waited so long before installing it. Here are some top reasons to go crazy for laminate flooring:

The Price

When home owners begin to look at flooring options, they are often drawn to laminate flooring due to its affordability. Its manufacturing process makes it cheaper to produce than some other types of flooring. There are no shortcuts though, as laminate is made to be super strong and durable. This type of flooring gives you all the aesthetic pleasure of tiling or hardwood but at a fraction of the cost.


As mentioned already, the durability of laminate flooring is epic. It comes with a top coating of aluminium oxide which allows it to withstand dents, fading, scratches and stains. It is the perfect flooring for busy family households and those with pets.

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The Look

Another great element of laminate flooring is the huge variety of styles it is available in. Laminate is actually printed on a high-definition printer, so is available in virtually any pattern, design or colour you can imagine. It’s also available in a variety of textures, so there’s a laminate floor to suit every taste and décor.

Easy Installation

Laminate is loved because there is no horrendous installation charge. It is super simple to install, especially with the tongue and groove locking systems. Although it can be done as a DIY project, it’s always advisable to hire a professional to fit it for you to ensure an excellent fit and a proper finish. For a wide range of Laminate Flooring, visit https://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/laminate-flooring.html

Clean Easy and Low Maintenance

For every busy household or hectic business premises, the quicker and easier something can be cleaned, the better for everyone. It’s super easy to keep laminate flooring clean and shiny. You don’t need to do any special maintenance, just your usual routine of vacuuming or sweeping will keep it looking in great condition. If you want a deeper clean, a wipe over with a damp mop, using water and vinegar or a specialist cleaning agent will leave a lovely shine and a floor you could eat your dinner off!


For those with environmental concerns, you’ll be relieved to learn that as laminate flooring is made from wood, it is recyclable and reusable. The click-lock flooring can easily be lifted and reinstalled in another room or property. Manufacturers also incorporate environmentally-friendly methods and practices to ensure that woods and forests are being protected. You can rest assured that installing a laminate flooring is doing your bit for green and sustainable living.